Career stained glass, artistic glazier, practice stained glass.

Production, reconstruction, repairs, renovation of stained glass, vitrajs, stained glass and tiffany lamps, lamps - Artistic glazier Jiřička - Coufal Prague


Introduction to the practice, career of a stained-glass artist, artistic glassworker / Career vitreous, artistic glazier - Production, reconstruction, repairs, renovation of stained glass, vitraje and tiffany lamps, lighting fixtures - Artist glazier Jiřička - Coufal Prague
Our students from the VŠCHT

Our students from the VŠCHT. Praxe pro studenty vitrážisty. Základy výroby vitráže.

We offer the possibility of practice for students of arts and crafts and including retraining. Our students are taught in the field of artistic glassworks with the specialization of the restorer and they acquire knowledge practice work and field practice. Part of teaching is not only the craft itself, but also the restoration ethics and basic rules for working with a cultural monument.

Nowadays the students of VŠCHT Prague, Faculty of Chemical Technology - Bachelor's degree Preservation - Restoration of arts and crafts from glass and ceramics and students Secondary vocational school of arts and crafts s.r.o. Podkovářská 4, Prague 9, artistic glassworks.