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Manufacture of stained glass

Introduction to the production of stained glass, vitraj, the basics of glasswork, the basics of glass painting./ Production, manufacutre and process of production, manufacture of stained glass, vitrajs, glass painting.
Production of art stained glass, vitrajs. Works Jiřička-Coufal for the production of art stained glass, stained glasses.
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I n order to start the project, it is best, if we know, at least roughly, the notion of the customer’s idea of the desired stained glass – basic composition + color scheme, at least approximate dimensions, and as well requirements for practical usage (for example: bathroom window). Based on this information, we create graphic design, in small scale, offer appropriate material and prepare a price offer/estimate. Next step, after agreeing upon the final design, is the start of production.

If the customer isn’t sure about how the stained glass should look like, we can provide documentary photos of our work or our sampler of basic composition (also available on-line), for inspiration. We can offer both complex figures, with full-on glass painting, or simple geometric composition, made of transparent glass.

We are stocked very well at the highest level, and we are able to secure any additional work such as carpentry, blacksmith and locksmith (structure design, modification, frames, etc.).

We can provide professional installation of the stained glass in the interior at the customer's request.

Production period depends on the complexity and the total area of work, for orders priced over 5000, - CZK (≈200 $), we require a deposit of 30% of the total price.

Art cardboard/ Realization

Art cardboard/ Realization

Art cardboard/ Realization