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Welcome to the realization gallery stained glass, vitraj, stained glass windows, stained glass decors, refined glass, replica of historical stained glass. Our artistic glasswork Jiřička - Coufal Prague is an old-fashioned workshop for the creation of art stained glass, vitraj. Residential, housing decorations, oriental decors, ornamental decor. We produce stained glass, vitraj, stained glass decor, stained glass window, stained glass interior according to your needs.

Introduction to the painting work of stained glass decors, realization of stained glass, stained glasses / Gallery of stained glass works, decors, realization of stained glass, stained glasses, glazed windows

Stained glass(french „le vitrage“, latin „vitrum“ – glass) can generally be understood as an image of pieces of colored or painted glass arranged in a variety of patterns. Over the long history this concept has been used for windows of churches, cathedrals and other important buildings.